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For installations that require more flexibility in the power wire on the camera we can perform a modification for you.  This consists of removing the bulky power connectors and wiring the 9-volt battery clip directly to the camera.  We also remove the stiff sheath on the camera power lead and on the 9-volt battery lead.  This makes the camera easier to mount especially on N scale installations.  The down side is that you loose the ability to use the AC wall power supply with the camera.  Contact us for options with AC power supply connections.  Warning!! Do not cut the power connectors off.  Embedded in the black plastic around the power connector on the camera is a small printed circuit board with a voltage regulator circuit.  Trying to wire the camera directly to a 9-volt battery will damage the camera beyond repair and void the warranty.

  • Item #: N Scale PCM
  • Cannot ship to: Canada

"N" Scale Power Connector Modification

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