HPTC-500 High Power Camera/Transmitter System

At last a high power, high-resolution wireless camera system.  This system, because of its size, is only suited for "O" Scale or larger.  The High Power Transmitter contains a rechargeable battery that will provide 90 minutes or more of operation.  The transmitter also has a built in sensitive microphone.  The transmitter can be set to any one of 4 wireless video channels and you can operate up to 4 systems simultaneously.  Extra Transmitter/Cameras are available.

This system is 50 times more powerful than our smaller wireless camera systems and that means better video and greater range.  Garden railroaders love this system.

We also offer a High Gain Antenna System that can be used to increase the range to over 1500 feet.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us on our Technical Support Line, 570-620-9080.  Our Tech Support Line is open 7 days a week from 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM EST and when you call you do not need to press one for english.  We are proud to be an American Company.

Included with this system

1 - High power transmitter with built in microphone

1 - High resolution bullet style camera

1 - CCS707 Receiver
1 - AC Power Supply for the transmitter
1 - AC Power Supply for the receiver
1 - A/V cable
1 - Rubber Duck Antenna for the transmitter
1 - Rubber Duck Antenna for the receiver

All for only $199.95 (Close Out Special )  Why Delay? Order Today. FUN!! FUN!! FUN!!

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HPTC-500 High Power Camera/Transmitter System

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