DCC/BEC Battery Eliminator
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Enjoy battery-less operation with our DCC/BEC 9 Volt Battery Eliminator for Cameras.  If your train layout is controlled with DCC, TMCC, or DCS you will never need another 9 volt battery for your camera. Installation is easy.  The DCC/BEC 9 Volt Battery Eliminator is the same size as a 9 volt battery.  One end has the standard  9 volt battery connector and the other end has two wires.  Connect these two wires to a function output on your decoder or to at least two trucks that can pickup track voltage and then snap the camera battery connector to the DCC/BEC 9 Volt Battery Eliminator.  As long as your track has DCC, TMCC, or DCS power the camera will work.  No more batteries!  The DCC/BEC 9 Volt Battery Eliminator for Cameras will not work on D/C controlled layouts.

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DCC/BEC Battery Eliminator

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