CCS-830D 2.4 gHz Rechargable System

You will never need to buy a battery for this Rechageable WirelessMicroColorCam System.  The built-in rechargeable battery will power the camera for more than 5 hours and can be recharged in two hours with the included charger.  You can also select one of four channels of operation with the switch on the back of the camera.  You can purchase up to four systems and have up to four cameras operating at the same time on four different TV's.  Receiver tuning is easy with a channel button on the receiver.  The camera has a built-in microphone so you can also hear what your camera hears.  This system operates on 2.4 gHz and will not receive our 1.2 gHz cameras.

Now you can enjoy the thrill of being inside your model with our Rechargeable WirelessMicroColorCam System.  Each system is complete with everything you need to see what the world looks like from inside your model.  Whether you model trains, planes, automobiles or boats the Rechargeable WirelessMicroColorCam System is for you.

  • Frequency: 2.4 gHz (User selectable 4 Channels)
  • Power: 2mW
  • Size:20*20*60(mm) 
  • Resolution: 380Line
  • Illumination: 1 Lux 
  • Output mode: Audio and Video (NTSC)
  • Transmission distance is 300 - 1000 feet or more                                                               

    Note: This Camera System Includes One A/C Power Supply To Power The Receiver and One A/C Power Supply To Power The Camera For Stationary Operation and Recharge The Battery, One A/V Cable To Connect To Your TV or VCR, One Receiver Antenna, and One Camera Mounting Bracket

  • All for only $169.99  Why Delay? Order Today. FUN!! FUN!! FUN!!


  • Item #: CCS-830D

CCS-830D 2.4 gHz Rechargable System

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