CCS-707 Receiver
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2.4Ghz WirelessMicroColorCam Receiver System with Sound.  Now you can add a second receiver to your 2.4 gHz wireless camera system.  You can have a TV in the train room and a TV somewhere else in your house with both monitoring your wireless cameras.  You can also add a Two Camera Upgrade Kit and switch between all of the cameras with the button on the receiver which means no manual fine tuning  This system operates on 2.4 gHz and will not receive 1.2 gHz cameras.

Now you can enjoy the thrill of being inside your model in more than one place in you house with an additional 2.4Ghz WirelessMicroColorCam Receiver System.  Each system is complete with receiver, A/V cable, antenna, and power supply.  Whether you model trains, planes, automobiles or boats the 2.4Ghz WirelessMicroColorCam System is for you.

Note: This is a receiver ONLY.  There are no cameras included with this system.

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CCS-707 Receiver

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